Ignite Hope Foundation

We are a grass-root foundation working to bring sustainable economic progress and educational development to our own local communities and communities worldwide. We partner with Christian churches, Christian organizations, and other charity organizations to bring hope, love, mutual understanding, and prosperity to people worldwide.


• Facilitate and sponsor sustainable economic development for the economic-adverse people in our project areas of the world.

• Partner with business and technology professionals to introduce technology, resources, and education to bring hope and prosperity to communities worldwide.

• Support schools and educational programs to develop community-centric service, and to assist individuals to attend educational programs to build characters and leadership to serve their own local communities.

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    Global Commitment We are committed with the best of our ability and resources to our project areas worldwide for better economic progress and educational development in order to bring hope, love, understanding, and prosperity. We expect these communities to work with us closely to make the current projects successful.

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    Partnership We view our volunteers, donors, partner organizations, as well as communities that we support, as our long-term partners. We strive to work with them closely to build excellence in further our vision.

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    Excellence We are committed to execute with our best known practice in order to strive for excellence in whatever we do to advance our vision. We are always open to new ideas that we can adopt to continuously improve ourselves.

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    Participation We make our best efforts to allow our supporters, volunteers, staff, and members from many different background to participate in our projects based on their gifts and talents and what the circumstances allow.