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Ghana Education ProgramGhana classroom2

We are partnering with the River of Life Christian Church (ROLCC) in Santa Clara, California, USA to help the local communities in Africa. We are currently working with the local ROLCC churches to build schools in Ghana, near the middle part of west-coast Africa. 

In 2005, the local Ghana ROLCC church built a new elementary school, New Life Academy, near the heart of Accra, Ghana. This school now offers classes to 250+ children from first to eighth grade, teaching courses in Math, English, History, Art, Drama, Poetry and Music. Students are from poor villagesGhana classroom3 in the neighborhood, and parents make various sacrifices to send their children to our school in hopes of letting their children to achieve a better education. We are supporting the school to start a new scholarship program, so that needy children can have a good education regardless of their family financial situation. In addition, we are working to build a new computer lab so that students can have a quality education, learn important computer skills, and have the possibility of attending college one day.Ghana class 4