Central Asia Fund

Kyrgyzstan Education Program

Kyrgyzstan is a remote countryKZ school childern2 in Central Asia, neighboring China, Russia, and Kazakhstan. In this beautiful land of "Shangri-La", we are partnering with the Mercy Foundation and Central Asia Sharing Aid (CASA) to ignite hope among the needy children.

Since the year 2000, Mercy Foundation and CASA have worked hard to establish elementary schools, middle schools, schools for the disabled, orphanages, and vocational school. In total, the Mercy Foundation and CASA have brought love to more than 1,000 children in the following places: 

• International University of Central Asia (IUCA) of Tokmok,KZ orphanage
• School at Belovodsk (1-11 grade, 240 students), 
• School at Kara-Balta (1-9 grade, 260 students),
• Children Home at Kara-Balta (shelter for 80 students), 
• School at Tokmok (1-9 grade, 224 students),
• School at Ivanovka (1-8 grade, 176 students), 
• Home and School for the Disable at Kemin (70 students),
• Children Home at Tokmok (50 students, new project), 
• Children playground, swimming pool, and NBA-size gymnasium at Tokmok 

We hand pick these students from the financially needy families, provide them with the basic needs, including food, clothing, shelter, and health care, and bring them up with proper education and spiritual growth. Our labor is meant not only to bear fruits among these children’s lives, but to change the whole region by bringing them up to witness love among their communities.